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Scientific Colloquium

Upcoming talks in the scientific colloquium

On June 07, Prof. Dr. Anja Wilmes will be our guest with her lecture on 'Assessment of renal toxicity with iPSC-derived system'!

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz will present her research data on 'Novel mechanisms of neurogenesis and neural repair' on July 05.

Currently, all seminars are planned as digital events. Members of the Heinrich-Heine-University & and the University Hospital as well as associated institutes are welcome to join the lectures and can receive the access links via .

Previous talks in the scientific colloquium

We would like to thank the following speakers for sharing their time and expertise with the RTG members and guests in our seminar series:

  • Prof. Dr. David Hay from the University of Edinburgh - In our first seminar, Prof. Hay presented on 'iPSC - derived hepatocytes' and potential clinical approaches'.

  • Dr. Julia Hesse from the Universitäty Düsseldorf - Dr. Hesse gave the GRK members an exciting insight on 'Cardiac progenitor cells in heart development and repair'.

  • Prof. Dr. Alessandro Prigione from Universitäty Düsseldorf - Prof. Prigione gave an introduction to the students and PIs on 'Human iPSCs in mitochondrial diseases: from brain organoids to drug discovery'.

  • Prof. Dr. Markus Christmann from the University of Mainz - Prof. Christmann presented his findings on 'Cellular senescence' in his talk and subsequent discussion'.

  • Prof. Dr. Konstanze Winklhofer from Ruhr-University Bochum) - In her lecture Prof. Winklhofer talked about 'The Role of Ubiquitin in the regulation of cellular processes'.

  • Dr. Daniele Zink (Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology) in Singapore gave an exciting talk on 'Predicting human organ toxicity with animal free methods'.

  • Prof. Dr. Ola Hermanson gave a lecture on 'Saving Private Brains: Molecular and bioengineering approaches to steer neural stem cell state and fate'. This seminar was planned together with iBRAIN and attended by GRK and iBRAIN members.

  • Prof. Dr. Petra Beli presented her data on 'Transcription-associated genomic instability'.

  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller from Ulm University Hospital spoke on 'The Tip of an Iceberg: Replication-Associated Functions of the Tumor Suppressor p53'.

  • Prof. Dr. Lucy Godley from the Department of Medicine in Chicago was a guest with her contribution on 'Inherited myeloid neoplasm'.

  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Schlacher from the Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Houston, Texas was our guest with a talk on 'Genome instability gene functions in mitochondria'!

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